Love Pirates Thrills with a Crazy Viral Radio Show

Introduction of the Debut Album

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New York, NY, May 01, 2009 - (

A radio show on the internet that convinces with extraordinary lyrics and that, in the first week, has spread out virally unusually fast all over the world.The Guerilla radio show of the band Love Pirates was developed by the network Huckleberry Friends AG - worldwide creative network.

Already in the first week, 230,000 listeners could be reached for the debut album "Brooklyn Bridge" by viral marketing. The production of Love Pirates was born from the internationally awarded creative team for audio- visuals Neue Westpark Studios. The lyrics of the album and the radio show are as refreshing as the album itself. Two Samples:

"Skirts and Shirts nothing for a bummer, That my sweeties was The Girls Of Summer. Lovely lassies so brown and sassy Luxuriating in the park on the central green grassy. Not a song about our President it means bummer b u m m e r. Welcome back to you're listening to huck and the new album by the Love Pirates. So welcome Home, this is the title of the song."

"New York City Rain. Pirate lads and lasses. There must be Bubbles in my Brain. If you enjoy Love Pirates the moment you hear it, you'll know New York is made for everybody - Salaamaleikum, Harlem, I like you! Cape Town Chill with Paris Soul like Mama has a real chocolate cake, Not a Wall Street low-fat fake. is the link to the sharks that are diving in your drink."

It's amazing how the word spreads out. It's like a secret rumor that blows through the streets of Manhattan, about insider highlight places like Campbell Apartment and Malatesta. Huckleberry Kid, the producer of Love Pirates said: "How should I describe this album? As I understand it Love Pirates are the most pirate brand in the world. My friends and I branded the name and the style of living and feeling sound early in 1984. It´s a mix of Bubbles in my brain and Love Pirates in my vein. If you enjoy Love Pirates the first time you will know New York is made for everybody - Salemaleikum, Harlem I like you. Cape Town Chill with Paris Soul like Mama has a real chocolate cake, Not a wall street low fat fake. is the link I think to the sharks, which are diving in your drink. Jezebel Baby! For a fee, her heart is big like Sanssouci. Enjoy drumhead delicacy from this cabriolet chillout dreadlocks are in heaven album and listen to a cat and walk song for one of the sweetest huckleberry girls of the world, Miss Veronica Bond. I say she's a real bellybutton burner. You know, walking down on Brooklyn Bridge or shoot the shit a little bit and rock the sundance kid. Enjoy the 16 lucky number sleven songs in a timemachine and your shoes are tight like jelly bean."

"Brooklyn Bridge" is the first CD release by Love Pirates and it underlines impressively the clear work and the style of this fabulous band: Simply good sound without leaving any facet unattended. This means straight rock n roll at its best "Like Girls of Summer," a catchy song like "Walking Down on Brooklyn Bridge" or the typical LA summer-easy-going-convertible-sound of "Paris 2 NY." - Love Pirates takes you to an exiting journey, showing their whole inspiration and creativity. The band's focus lies on telling good, straight stories, imbedded in inspiring or relaxing music. The key messages of the 16 songs are strong feelings like love and any madness which may happen - nothing is left aside.

A real pearl is the song "Jezebel," composed by Leon Steinbach and Sabtono (Huckleberry Kid) rising from a dirty RnB intro to an electrifying pop song.

Because of different composers with their different inspirations and and the New York Singer Beatrice Thomas, Love Pirates are going back to the roots of music, crossing creative boarders, giving every song its unique and surprising fresh style. The album was recorded at Neue Westpark Studios Munich (No Angles) which have received a lot of international honors for their creative work. The fine tuning and mastering was done by Studios 301 (Backstreet Boys, Robbie Williams, Pink, Whitney Houston).

This first release which will not only inspire pop enthusiasts.

The worldwide online- release starts on may 17th 2009.

You can listen to the english version of the Love Pirates guerilla radio show on (german version



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